FOAL August Book Sale


FOAL Members special preview is Friday, August 14, from 5 Pm to 7 PM.  Memberships to FOAL can be purchased at the door.

The sale opens to non-members on August 15 during library open hours.

Many items are $1 or less.  School is starting again soon!  This is a great opportunity to stock up classrooms and kids’ bookshelves.


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2 Responses to FOAL August Book Sale

  1. John

    is your booksale do you sell any books online or have someone sell them for you and is your inventory of books fresh not a carryover from last sale thank you

    • We do not sell books online. The majority of material for each booksale is new to that particular sale. Only a small portion carries over from the last book sale. Thank you for the question!