FOAL’s beginnings can be traced to 1986, when the Atascocita Hi Neighbor group, led by Odell Dreyer, initiated a decade long project to have a library built in the developing Atascocita subdivision. This group of volunteers eventually became the Friends of the Atascocita Library (FOAL), a group that is currently active in providing funds for programming and materials at the branch.

Friends of the Atascocita Library (FOAL) is an extremely active volunteer group. They donate approximately $30,000 each year to the library for programming and materials. This money is raised a number of ways, with biannual book sales, membership drives, volunteer sponsored programs such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Pitney Bowes, and sales of t-shirts and book bags. Materials that are purchased with monies from FOAL include books, magazine subscriptions, music CD’s, audio books, as well as furniture, carpet, puppets, and musical instruments for story times.

Contact FOAL: contact@foal.ws


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